Wednesday, April 1, 2015

CIEP End-of-Quarter Ceremony Speech Zeyad Almujaybil

Check out the speech given by Zeyad Almujaybil at the End-of-Quarter Ceremony for Winter Quarter 2015.

Monday, March 16, 2015

10 Things to do over Spring Break!

Check out the top 10 places to see over Spring Break! List created by IELP teachers!

1. Volunteer at the St. Francis House of University Food Bank 

2. Visit the Skagit Tulip Festival

3. See the Ballard Locks and Fish ladder

4. Explore Volunteer Park and Arboretum

5. Take a Ferry Trip

6. Make a trip to Portland

7. Visit the MOHAI

8. Bird watch at Magnuson Park

9. Visit the Bank of America Tower and Seattle Library

10. See the Olympic Sculpture Park

Friday, March 6, 2015

Daylight Savings

This Sunday, March 8th is Daylight Savings! This means that everyone sets their clocks one hour ahead of Standard Time.

One easy way to remember how Daylight Savings works is that in the spring, we "spring forward" and lose an hour, and in the fall, we "fall back" and gain an hour!

The purpose of DST is to extend the amount of daylight by an hour in the afternoons during spring, summer, and much of fall.

In order to make certain you don't oversleep and miss anything important, make certain to set your clocks forward one hour the night before! For example, change your clock from 10:00pm to 11:00pm!

Virtual Reality Technology

About the Author: The following essay was written by Mohammed Moharrab Alruwaili. Mohammed is in his sixth quarter in the IEP.

How can we imagine that technology has the ability to treat many health problems and to enhance peoples’ lives? For many situations, technology has negatively affected people which causing obesity hypertension and severe diseases by lack of physical activity. However, these diseases are easy to overcome if we use Virtual Reality Technology (VRT). Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology which is based on computer generated artificial.

The first benefit regarding VR is its treatment of multiple psychological and health problems such as anxiety, phobias, obesity, autism and many diseases. One of which is anxiety that some people suffer regarding public speaking. In fact, fear of public speaking is a common problem among the general public. Thus, VR will be the best treatment to cope with Speaking Public Anxiety (SPA) than other technology such as visualization. In the article “Virtual Reality Therapy: A Means of Reducing Public Speaking Anxiety” Heuett, B. & Heuett, K. (2011) write that “Virtual Reality Therapy appears to be more effective than Visualization with regards to helping people with their SPA”. This means that the fantastic treatment to reduce SPA is VR. If people suffer from SPA, and they need to overcome it, VR will assist them to do that. For instance, if you have a presentation in your college, and you want to reduce your mistakes and obtain a high score, VR is an effective solution to achieve that because it gives you the virtual audience to practice your presentation. Therefore, taking more practice through VR audience will resolve this problem. Because of illustrations above, the best solution that will assist people to reduce SPA is virtual reality because this is an effective technology to encourage people to be more confident in public.environment which mimics physical presence in the real word. This technology will change the world during at next decade because many sectors rely on VR such as the health field, environment field and astronomy field. VRT positively impacts people because it treats health problems such as categories of anxiety and diabetes, and it helps the healthcare system.

In addition to treating the public speaking anxiety, virtual reality has the ability to reduce the rate of obesity among people. Nearly two-thirds of adults and one-third of children and adolescent in the United States are overweight and obese according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (2013). Therefore, to control this disease with new approaches is important. However, scientists in the United States such as Carter and Traylor find that VRT is an effective solution to treat obesity specifically in children because minors are more addicted to technology, and young men spend more time playing video games and surfing the internet. Thus, the probability to be overweight and obese is high. However, VR has the ability to decrease the rate of obesity because it relies on movement more. Thus, it will prevent obesity. In “Application of Virtual Reality Methods to Obesity Prevention and Management Research” Susan Persky (2011) claims that “In future obesity prevention and treatment research, a near endless array of clinical or interpersonal factors could be manipulated in VR research environment” (p.363). In other words, decreasing the rate of obesity in the future by utilizing VR will be passible. For example, if you suffer from obesity from using the technology such as Xbox and PlayStation and you want to lose weight without medications, the VRT will help you to reduce weight by moving when you play video games. VR is a new and powerful tool to handle obesity in the world without medications and surgical intervention.
Another benefit to illustrate why VR is important in peoples’ lives is healthcare which is one of the biggest adaptors of virtual reality that encompasses simulation of surgery, robotic surgery, education of nursing and skills training. VRT and robots have a massive effect in the healthcare sector because they are a powerful tool in medical simulators in surgical operation. Surgeons utilize VR and robots in complex operations such as orthopaedics because this operation needs to be more accurate and precise in some cases such as sewing the nerves into the bone. Givseppe Riva (1997) associate professor of general psychology and communication psychology at the Catholic University of Milan, Italy and head researcher of the applied technology for neuro-psychology laboratory, writes that “Surgical practice particularly in orthopaedics, presents excellent opportunities for robotic and computer-based technologies to improve clinical techniques” (p. 7). This means that VR has proven to be advantageous in the surgical departments in hospital which assists surgeons to do specific operations where it plays a vital role in the surgeries in particular orthopaedics such as total joint replacements. Furthermore, VRT has enabled the surgeon to control the movements of the robotic arm by integrating the technology into the robots. Thus, this technology will contribute to enhance the ability of surgeons to do sophisticated operations easily. This means the risk of complications will be reduced during the surgery. Therefore, the use of VRT during surgical operations has a significant reduction in error.

Many are likely to disagree with the assertion that VR has the ability to treat multiple health problems. These opponents might contend that isolation is the psychological and social results of VR. Users can become disconnected from reality. Thus, they have the highest opportunity to get depressed because they do not have friends, and they spend more time alone. However, the connection to the outside world by using VRT is easy, not complicated because you have the ability to access to your friends and to play with them online. Also, it allows people to see and speak with their friends and to exchange the news and information across the network as your friends sit beside you because VRT has the ability to give your real image of your friends when you play and call them. Thus, the chances one would to be isolated are low.  
Treatment of some health problems without medications will not be complex if we utilize a positive aspect of technology called VRT. This technology will explode in the healthcare sector in the next decade. Furthermore, VR has the ability to improve peoples’ health with respect to multiple psychological and health problems such as anxiety, phobias, obesity, autism and other diseases. VRT is a fantastic tool to treat diseases, and it assists healthcare systems. In a few decades, VRT will come a revolution in healthcare sectors because many departments such as the surgical department, the radiology department and the endoscopy department are adapting to enhance the patient services during the diagnostic process. As a result, VRT positively affects people to treat the psychological and health problems and to enhance the healthcare system.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lunar New Year

Come celebrate the Lunar New Year in Seattle's International District! 

Have the opportunity to watch traditional dragon and lion dances, Japanese Taiko Drumming, martial arts and other cultural performances!

Also, don't forget about the 5th annual food walk! 

Saturday, February 21st from 11-4pm

Hing Hay Park

Monday, February 2, 2015

Getting Involved in Seattle

Ways to Get Involved
  • Volunteer your time
  • Go to IELP Activities
  • FIUTS activities
  • Attend events on UW Main Campus
  • Go to Information Sessions
  • Make friends outside the IELP
Why get involved?
  • It benefits others.
  • It benefits you. 
  • Good way to make friends
  • Practice your English
  • Can check out new places in Seattle
  • Builds your resume
  • Learn new skills
  • Do something you enjoy!
  • It's fun!
What are your goals?
  • Get good grades
  • Make friends
  • Get involved in Seattle
  • Learn English
  • Volunteer
Where can I find how to get involved?
  • IELP Information Sessions
  • UW website
    • Experimental College
    • Registered Student Organizations
    • FIUTS
    • Departmental Website
  • Google
  • Seattle Public Libraries
  • Seattle Parks & Recreation
What is volunteering? 
(Information from UW Carlson Center)
  • Volunteer work is service for an organization without pay, usually for the benefit of a community or natural environment.
  • Many organizations, such as non-profit organizations, depend on volunteers to assist with day-to-day operations and to carry out the mission of the organization. 
Most common opportunities in Seattle
  • Natural Restoration (Planting trees, cleaning parks, removing weeds)
  • Homeless Shelters/Food Banks (Serving meals, donation collections, holiday events)
  • Run/Walks (Supplies, event set-up, clean-up)
  • Libraries (Stocking shelves, reading to kids, sorting books)
Commitment: One-time vs. Long-Term
  • Some positions require an on-going commitment. Ex:
    • Serving meals at homeless organizations on weekends
    • Sorting and shelving books each week at the library
  • Others are on a one-time basis only. Ex:
    • Helping staff at an annual fundraising auction
    • Handing out water at a marathon
Choose what works best for you!

Applying to Colleges
  • Admission officers look for volunteer experience
  • Graduate schools look for relevant experiences in the field
  • Find opportunities specific to your future career or the graduate school program/research
  • A good way to get practical experience without having a job
Volunteering and F-1 Visas
  •  F-1 students can do volunteer work!
  • F-1 students can't receive compensation for their work
    • Compensation may include money, credit, awards, gifts
Volunteer Opportunities
  • There are many volunteer organizations that make it easy to search for volunteer opportunities online.
  • Examples:
    • United Way of King County
    • Seattle Works
    • City of Seattle
    • Earth Corps
    • One Brick
    • UW Carlson Center
If you volunteer....
  • Please tell us!
  • We want to hear from you!
  • Email Marissa, Suzy, Nicole or Ethan to tell us about your experience.
  • You can also choose if you want to give us permission to share your experiences with other students in future Volunteer Information Sessions or on our Facebook page and blog
Thank you to Suzy Cowgill, Nicole Minkoff, and Ethan DeCoster for compiling this information!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX

The Super Bowl is the yearly championship game of the NFL (National Football League).

In America, Football is one of the most popular sports. The 2014 Super Bowl holds the record for most viewed American broadcast with a total of 111,500,000 viewers.

This year, the game will be played in Arizona. It will be the New England Patriots verse the Seattle Seahawks.

Living in Seattle, you may have noticed the 12th man flag hung in stores or houses. The Space Needle has recently been lit up with green and blue lights to show support for the Seahawks. Whether you watch football or not, the game becomes a city wide event that everyone talks about.

The game will be played this Sunday, February 1. Kick off is at 3:30 pm pacific time.