Friday, August 29, 2014

Labor Day

Labor Day is this Monday, September 1!

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day is a day to celebrate and honor America's workers. Many people get this day off from work.

It is often seen as the symbolic end of summer. It is most commonly celebrated by having a barbeque with family and friends!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Practicing your English over the Break

Are you staying in Seattle over the break? Looking for ways to practice your English?

1. During the break, we will be having Conversation Club. Come talk with fellow classmates, staff, and domestic students. Conversation club will be Wednesday, August 27, September 3, and September 10, 3:30-4:30pm on the Mezzanine. 

2. Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and practice your English! Check out these volunteering opportunities around Seattle- 

North Helpline Food Bank (Lake City)
Help needed unloading food, distributing food,
and more! 

Times Needed:
Wednesday: 9:30-1:30pm
Thursday: 4-7pm
Saturday: 9:30-1:30pm
To sign up, please call 206-367-3477 and ask for Caleb Smith.

Friday Feast (U-District)
   (Located in the basement of the University Temple Methodist Church)
    1415 NE 43rd St.
    Seattle, WA 98105
Friday Feast is a meal for all ages provided by ROOTS every Friday from
5:30-7:00pm. As a volunteer, your job would be to prep and serve food.
This event is open to all community members and no registration is
*If you are interested, please show up between 1-5pm to help with prep.

U-District Food Bank
    1413 NE 50th St.
    Seattle, WA 98105
Help needed unloading food, distributing food,
and more!

Times Needed:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:30-12:30pm and 12:30-3:30pm
Tuesday: 9:30-12:30pm and 2:30-5:30pm
Thursday: 2:30-5:30pm and 8:15-12:15am 

If you can only make it for two hours, that is fine! Just let them know when you sign up. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift.  

To sign up, call or email U-District Food Bank. Email: Phone: 206-523-7060

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Water in Seattle

Every wonder where your tap water in Seattle comes from?

All of our water comes from protected mountain sources. About 70% of our drinking water comes from the Cedar River Watershed, while the other 30% comes from the Tolt River Watershed.

The water is tested on a daily basis to ensure it's safety. The water is tested for  E. Coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium, all of which can cause diarrhea, cramping, and nausea if ingested.  The water is also tested for harmful metals, like lead and copper.

Since 1970, Fluoride has been added to the water. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.

Seattle is considered to have some of the best water in the nation because it is taken from the Cascade Mountain Range. Although some people filter their water because they prefer the taste, it is perfectly healthy to drink straight tap water here in Seattle.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Seattle AntiFreeze: Explore Chocolate with Chocolati

Have you ever heard someone use the term "Seattle Freeze"?

The Seattle Freeze: The chilly reception one might get from a polite yet uninterested Seattleite. 

The Museum of History and Industry offers monthly events for people interested in learning more about what Seattle has to offer besides the Freeze!

This month come discover what it takes to turn cocoa beans into chocolate! 

Event will be on Thursday, July 10th from 6-7pm at the MOHAI museum.

For more information, check out their website-

This event is a great way to meet local Seattleites and learn more about Seattle!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

4th of July

What happens on July 4? 

Independence Day, commonly called The Fourth of July, is the celebration of the United States adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  This declared that the United States was an independent nation and was no longer owned by Great Britain. It is a day of great patriotic displays, and many people dress and decorate things in red, white, and blue, the colors of the American flag. Some popular events on July 4th  include barbeques, parades, baseball games, concerts, and firework displays. Below is a list of activities that you can go to from July 4 –7. 

Free Events To Attend!

Lake Union Wooden Boat
When? July 4—7, 10am-6pm
Where? Lake Union Park
How to get there from UW? Bus 70
What? Celebrates Seattle’s maritime
heritage and see historic wooden boats on the water. Activities include visiting vessels, boat tours, free boat rides, food vendors, and live music. You can also watch
firework displays on July 4th on Lake
Union Park.
More info:

Wallingford Family Parade & Festival
When? July 5, 11am-5pm
Where? Meridian Playground
How to get there from UW? Bus 44
What? Perfect for families, this event features a parade that will have Drill teams, local marching bands and family oriented
organizations. There will also be local vendors selling handicrafts, booths featuring demonstrations and food vendors

Bainbridge Street Fair &
When? July 4, 7am-Dusk
Where? Bainbridge Island
How to get there from UW? Bus 71, 72, or 73 to Pioneer Square and walk
towards the ferry (cost of the ferry ride is $8 for adults and $4 for children)
What? Grand Old 4th at Bainbridge
includes a Pancake Breakfast, all-day Street Fair, foot races, a Classic Car Show, Historic Baseball Game, Music, Food, Entertainment, a Beer Garden, and plenty of Family Fun. You can also watch firework displays over at Eagle Harbor.
More info:

Places to go see Firework Displays!

Gasworks Park
When? July 4, all day
Where? Gasworks Park
How to get there from UW? Walk! or take bus 31, 32
What? Watch the Lake Union fireworks display from Gasworks Park. Make sure to come early to reserve your spot. You can bring friends, family, and food while you wait for the fireworks display at dusk!

Other popular places:
Capitol Hill